Cookies and Privacy


This site does not collect user data for advertising or commercial analysis purposes. There are no reserved areas on the site and there is no possibility to register. Cookies are used only to improve navigation and to check the functionality of the site.

When the user views a page of the site for the first time, he can choose whether to accept or deny the use of cookies. However, the user can always access browser preferences or settings and immediately remove the cache memory and all unwanted cookies.

Which cookies we use

The site uses cookies to adapt the view of the pages to the preferences and the model of computer, or other device connected via the Internet. Cookies are also used for special features such as language selection and statistics management. In fact, some cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site. 

I “cookies” are small files that contain a string of text and are sent from the visited site to the visitor’s browser. They record some user data, technical and navigation data, and may remain for the duration of the session or long-term. Cookies can always be deleted from the computer’s memory by entering browser options or preferences (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, …)

WordPress is the CMS used to manage the site. The application is active in conjunction with a database on the server hosting the domain. WordPress does not share any personal information with anyone. Some third-party applications (plug-ins) may use cookies to improve viewing and browsing independently of WordPress.


Statistical data does not include personal data, but only aggregate usage data. These are technical information, automatically collected during the connection, including: IP addresses, domain names, time and date, country of origin, browser and operating system characteristics, pages viewed, error codes. Analytical data are available automatically and reserved to the owner of the site.

The user can at any time delete cookies by accessing the preferences or settings of his browser to remove all unwanted cookies from the cache memory.

Other types of cookies

The user can at any time delete cookies by accessing the preferences or settings of his browser to remove all unwanted cookies from the cache memory. uses third-party tools that may resort to cookies. For example, some plugins that handle temporary features. Usually these cookies are deleted when the browser is closed.

Warning: Content incorporated from other websites

For embedded content from other sites (images, video, audio …) the privacy rules that apply are those declared on the source sites. These websites may use cookies to collect data, and monitor the interaction if you have an active account at that time. uses the Google Map system for the location of the company. The user viewing the map must refer to Google’s privacy policy. Google.

User request

The form to request information is sent directly to the e-mail users of the company managers. No information is recorded in the site database. The data contained in the e-mail messages are collected by the company e-mail system and are processed according to the rules that govern the respect of privacy.

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 effective from 25 May 2018, in application of the European regulation (RGDP) regarding privacy, guarantees transparency in the management of the site and in the processing of data for navigation and for displaying contents. does not record personal data of users, does not use mailing lists and does not send newsletters. Any changes will be reported on the site.

For clarification on the new rules for the protection of privacy:

Data protection in the EU– European Commission