Marina Granata

Technical and commercial areas.

Two science degrees, in Chemistry and Biology. An in-depth experience in the rubber industry as a corporate executive and as a consultant to multinational companies. Dynamic and essential temperament, created to Zibo Gomma a lean and efficient structure, that ensures quality and product competitiveness.

 Armando Belloni

 Administrative and commercial area.

Degree in economics and business. He gained his experience in management as Administrator in the industrial and commercial sectors. He was among the founders of Zibo Gomma. He personally oversaw the construction of the plant, adopting innovative solutions for energy savings and digital network.

Francesca Granata

Quality control and technical office.

Degree in Agricultural Sciences. He worked for many years in the lab doing research on food quality and chemical products of major companies. His task in Zibo Gomma is to control the quality throughout the supply chain, from raw material to finished product, and to assist the customer in making technical decisions.

Bruno Turelli

Factory and technical office.

A practical competence in the field of extruded rubber, acquired through years of experience and research on co-extrusion techniques and foam rubber. He has chosen for Zibo Rubber efficient technologies that integrate the entire production process, from matrix creation up to the product packaging.